Have you been seeking a new kitesufing destination? This expedition offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to kite where a rare few, have ever kited before. This is the only trip of its kind, dedicated to kiting in Antarctic waters.


Travel with some of the most experienced Antarctic experts and kitesurf the pristine waters amidst the grand landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula.  This exclusive and rare opportunity is available for six kiters on board a beautiful 54 ft. steel hull sailing yacht. 

  • DATES: January 2 – 23 2024
  • REQUIREMENTS: You are easy going and team oriented, with an adventurous spirit, and in good health.  No sailing experience required, but expert level kiting experience is a necessity.
  • WHO: You are an experienced and seasoned kiter comfortable in the water and the handling of kites and boards in all conditions.Kiting in Antarctica is demanding and requires a near expert level of experience, with the ability to adapt to a variety of conditions and situations.  Kiting in Antarctica is a magical and rare experience.  If you always dreamed of kiting amongst icebergs, glaciers and the untouched waters of the 7th Continent…this trip is for you!
  • DEPARTURE POINT: Ushuaia, Argentina
  • COST: $15,950 all-inclusive for the entire expedition(airfare to/from Ushuaia & lodging prior/after expedition not included)  Each kiter must bring their own equipment….kites, boards, and drysuit(required)

A - Antarctica Photo Expedition - Photo (c) Laurent Dick - Sailantarctica

Kiteboarding-Antarctica 1

Kiteboarding-Antarctica 2

  • DESTINATION: Antarctica, during the longest days of its austral summer
  • ATTRACTION: The opportunity to kite where no one has before, amongst towering glaciers, fjords, wildlife, and abstract icebergs.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: This expedition is incomparable to any other Antarctic tour.  Actual time in Antarctica is 12 days with an intense focus on getting kiters on the water to experience this otherworldly environment.  There is no other expedition to Antarctica with the sole focus of kitesurfing.
  • GROUP SIZE: A unique small group size of six kiters and three crew, allows for an authentic and hands-on opportunity to explore Antarctica in a very customized and unique way.
  • TRAVEL MODE: Traveling by yacht will allow us the greatest mobility to experience the best kite locations possible while allowing for flexibility and exploring.
  • ITINERARY: We will follow a general itinerary but wind and kiting will dictate our schedule while allowing for opportunities to see wildlife and visiting amazing locations.
  • TIME ON LAND VS TIME ON THE WATER: With only kiters on bord we will focus on kiting and not be rushed by any rigid schedule. We will utilize land and yacht launching, depending on conditions and location. Antarctica offers unknown adventure, so our time on land and on water will be determined by the wind and opportunities to kite.
  • KITESURFING EMPHASIS: This expedition is one of kind and is dedicated to the specific interests of kitesurfers. The skipper and kite guide are both seasoned adventurers in Antarctica, with local knowledge and experience in sailing and kiting in these waters. They are devoted to maximizing your kiting experience.

Cruise to Antarctica on this private and exclusive 21-day photo expedition that will give you not only a glimpse of one of the wildest places on this earth, but also opportunities to capture Antarctica’s grand landscapes and unique wildlife and get the shots you’ve always dreamed about.

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Kiteboarding-Antarctica 4

F - Midnight Sun Antarctica Photography - Photo (c) Laurent Dick - Sailantarctica

  • YOUR GUIDES: Troy Henkels began kiting while stationed in Antarctica at McMurdo Station in the late 1990s. With expedition, guiding, and kiting experience in Antarctica, Alaska, Iceland, Greenland, the Bering Strait, and the North pole, he is no stranger to kiting in extreme locations. He is one of only a few people to ever kitersurf in Antarctica waters.

    Skipper and owner of the yacht, Henk Boersma, is a veteran of over 50 sailing expeditions to Antarctica and South Georgia. Henk will be assisted by a yet-to-be selected co-skipper.

  • PERMITS: Your yacht sails under the German flag. Permits to sail to Antarctica are obtained from the German Ministry of Environment (Umweltbundesamt Deutschland)
  • SAFETY: Your safety is our priority! Skipper Henk Boersma is considered one of the most experienced skippers in Antarctica and has an impeccable safety record. Kiting offers inherent dangers and thus the requirement to be a very seasoned kiter. All efforts will be made to keep each kiters safe while on the water. Dingy support and retrieval will be available whenever necessary.

This ultimate Antarctic Adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed.