Antarctica Sailing Expeditions

  • Sailing Dates:

    Please contact us for 2024 and 2025 dates.

  • Travel Requirements For The Journey:

    Your are team-oriented, you have an adventurous spirit, and you are in good health. No sailing experience required.

  • Who Should Take This Trip:

    You are a professional or amateur photographer, nature lover or someone who has always dreamed about embarking on a magical Antarctic expedition.

  • Trip Departure Point:

    You will be sailing from Argentina to Antarctica from Ushuaia, Argentina.

  • Cost To Travel To Antarctica:

    $16,550 all-inclusive for the entire expedition (airfare to/from Ushuaia & lodging prior/after expedition not included)

If you’re looking to experience one of the most magnificent, exquisite, untouched regions of the world in an intimate, unhurried way away from the crowds, have we got a trip for you!

Antarctica Sailing Expeditions | Sailing Antarctica

Antarctic Expeditions | Sailing Antarctica

Antarctic Expeditions | Sailing Antarctica

  • Travel Destination:

    Antarctica, during the longest days of its austral summer

  • Attractions On The Journey:

    Towering peaks and glaciers, majestic fjords, prolific wildlife, abstract icebergs and amazing light

  • Trip Exclusivity:

    Your voyage is incomparable to any other Antarctica tour. Actual time in Antarctica is around 12 days, twice that of other cruise offerings

  • Travel Group Size:

    Your uniquely small group size of six guests plus three crew allows for an authentic, hands-on opportunity to explore Antarctica in what will be a very customized journey

  • Travel Mode:

    Traveling by yacht gives you incredible mobility, flexibility and freedom to experience Antarctica in an intimate way

  • Antarctica Trip Itinerary: You will follow a general itinerary, but your interest in photography and wildlife observations will dictate our schedule, with maximum time on shore at amazing locations
  • Time on land:

    You have the luxury to spend as much time on land as we want, not rushed by any rigid schedules

  • Photography Emphasis:

    This expedition is dedicated to the specific needs and interests of photographers, with group critiques and presentations by your guide

Cruise to Antarctica on this private and exclusive 21-day photo expedition that will give you not only a glimpse of one of the wildest places on this earth, but also opportunities to capture Antarctica’s grand landscapes and unique wildlife and get the shots you’ve always dreamed about.

Antarctic Expeditions | Sailing Antarctica

Antarctic Expeditions | Sailing Antarctica

Antarctic Expeditions | Sailing Antarctica

  • Your Guides across the Antarctic:

    Laurent Dick, widely published professional photographer, experienced wilderness guide, author of the internationally published book, Antarctica  and skipper and owner of the yacht, Henk Boersma, veteran of over 50 sailing expeditions to Antarctica and South Georgia. Henk will be assisted by a yet-to-be selected co-skipper

  • Permit To Sail To Antarctica:

    Your yacht sails under the German flag. Permits to sail to Antarctica are obtained from the German Ministry of Environment (Umweltbundesamt Deutschland)

  • Trip Safety: Your safety is our priority!

    Skipper Henk Boersma is considered one of the most experienced skippers in Antarctica and has an impeccable safety record

This ultimate Antarctic Adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed.